I am a University student currently studying Computer Games Programming at Staffordshire University. I have experience programming in C++ and C#. Here i will show some of my projects that i have worked on previously.


These are some of the projects i have worked on previously.

3D Racer

This is a 3D racing game that was developed in Unity using the c# programming language this game includes 2 tracks and friction physics with the aim to get as fast a lap as possible


This is a simple pacman game made using c++ and a university framework called S2D. This is based off the original pacman game but with afew new features that i have added.


This is a project i made during my first year at university. It is a simple 2D game based on the popular Mario games from Nintendo

How to contact me and other social medias.

Below are links to my other social medias and you will be able to contact me through these.